Saturday, 20 July 2013

Birthday Boy

So on wednesday it was Robs birthday, we both had the day off which was jolly nice.

So I started the celebrations by baking the night before, i had grand plans but man it is hot and i am even hotter than i ever thought possible so i went with these

They took a while, well i normally just make cookies and i could do them standing on my head so in comparison they took a while. 

ooohhh you need lots of ingredients and if i was clever or could be bothered to go back to the supermarket i would have got 2 boxes of the brownie mix that goes on the top as my mixture spanned over 2 trays. 

They worked ok, it wasnt exactly pretty like on interest, i didnt have any birthday candles so i went for a tea light lol Rob seemed to like it but isnt picky when it comes to cake lol

The night was a particularly hot one and i woke up at 4am completely unable to get back to sleep, even when i came downstairs on the sofa, i went in the garden but nope, so i tidied the kitchen at like 5.10am hhmm
So by 7.10 i thought that was 'late enough' to wake rob up, he did not lol

And here he is in his new hat i made him, surrounded by wrapping paper lol

We headed out quite early for an 11am showing of Monsters University which was awesome and better than i thought, really recommend it. 

I had cast on a hat that morning for someone at work that was just round and round and got loads done in the cinema, probably the most knitting i have done in 2 weeks, the cinema was lovely and cool so that helped. 

We then went for a little bit of lunch and somehow rob talked me into sitting outside, in the shade but still, yeh did i mention how hot i am?

This is robs new 'big bang' t-shirt.

We came home and took a nice bumpy pic while i was all 'dressed up' and then i collapsed in front of the fan, we now have 3 in hour house thanks to FIL and i might just be dead without them lol 

I then promptly fell asleep for 2 hours doh! 

Vic and Ant and baby V popped round to see the birthday boy and then his folks. 

Which kindly got him/ me tickets to go and see The Lion King in Bradford next year and offered to babysit score!

We saw this in Florida but it wasnt the full show so we are rather excited. 

So there you go, i promptly reminded Rob he would have a 10 mth old to help him celebrate his 30th next so, he was suitably freaked out lol

I also got Rob Wreak it Ralph which we started watching last night but both fell asleep we are awesome at staying away lol


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