Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Finished Object

I have been putting my knitting a little on the back burner, partly due to the heat and also with all the sewing and cross stitch i am doing something had to give. I few weeks ago i did get something finished.

The pattern is from a book i got when we had our 20 week scan, but this is the link to my ravelry page for it.

It was knit in pieces which i am really not a fan of but i really like the little pattern. 

Its obviously flared which did make for more knitting and i like the blue and pink next to each other. 

I have never used this stitch pattern before but i really liked it, this can be made with a hood too so maybe next time. 

Its size 0-6 mths which is a large area to over, i assume it will fit in the new year at some point. 

But im pleased with it cute cute cute 


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