Tuesday, 23 July 2013

March 2013

One of my favourites months so far this year 

Lets look what happened. Cast your mind back. It was a busy one but a great one.

The month started off with a lovely trip down south to hang out with my buddies, we hadnt had a weekend away since November 2011 which is bonkers but with babies left right and centre they are hard to arrange.

In our little 'gang' no one has ever been pregnant at the same time before so here we were with 3 of us pregnant, i was just 12 weeks that day actually and unbeknown to us there was a 4th secret pregnant person just waiting for the right time lol Im sure you already have read the news but lovely Leanne is also expecting in October, so thats June (Laura had baby Emily), Jen is due mid Aug, Me in Sept and Leanne, how exciting. Shame we dont all live closer but nice to know there will be plenty people ' going through it' at the same time. 

So yes a good few pics of our weekend away, a little catch up with baby V, ad life at 12 weeks. 

Nothing got much more exciting than on the 8th March getting to see our little baby for the first time and knowing for one i wasnt imagining it and two baby was all healthy and happy. 

Much of this month dedicated to what we felt and what we saw and things like that, such as first items bought, how we announced it etc

The next day after the scan I went to tropical world with 2 of my chums and their kiddies, some hospital appointments and 2 years since we got engaged, ah yes and i may have bought some baby yarn

Next brought a change to my hours at work, finishing some knits, looking at prams, getting bigger and some baby room prep

A little trip up home and time to buy more maternity clothes, i started my first baby knit, we went on a night away, there was insane snow, and i looked bumpy. 

Ooh i got my lovely rabbit jumper, we got to hear babys heart beat for the first time at 16 weeks, and went out for a meal as part of our week off with vic, ant and V.

A little Olive love, a trip to Ilkely, some sad news about a good friends reminding me just how bloody lucky we are, a bit more baby knitting and room prep and more pram choices.

We bought a cute bunny for our garden, took cute pics, went to ikea for baby drawers, went to TGI, hung out with babies, bought baby a toy. 

Wow so there you go it was a crazy busy month mainly because we had a week off so lots of time to do things that then need documenting, feels like only yesterday yet a million years ago at the same time. 

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