Wednesday, 24 July 2013

One year on

It has been a whole year since we lost our gorgeous Wilma bunny

These are the last pics we took which was a few days before she went to the big field in the sky, now lets try and type this without crying.
Ok maybe not. 

Those who have been reading my blog for a while now we got Wilma and Olive in March 2012 not long after we moved in our house actually. 

For anyone who has ever had rabbits will also know that they get very poorly quickly. 
This happened to my gorgeous girl late on a very hot day and there was 'officially' nothing we could have done. I say this because as Olive now lives inside we notice her acting 'odd' which is pretty much the only way you know a bunny is poorly, they dont make noise they just arent themselves, i cant help but wonder if they lived inside we would have noticed. 

Wilmas was so cheeky and much braver and little Olive, she was always the ring leader. 

However they were best friends. 

Wilma always looked after her sister, they were never far away from each other. 

they were always snuggled up close. 

Poor Olive was very sad when her sister went and got very poorly herself which is how she has now come to live inside with us, i do wonder how much fun they would have had living in here together, i think thats why i dont like the idea of her being outside because the hutch reminds me someone is missing. 

I love having little Olive around all the time and we love her following us around, yes shes messy and a bit smelly and we have no idea quite what we will do when baby girl gets mobile but we love her. 

So look after your pets and treat them well and love them as much as you can coz they really arent here nearly long enough. x

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Hannah2 said...

What a lovely post! I had an outdoor bunny when I was little but became too allergic so she had to be rehomed and I was devastated. Then many years later I had hamsters but became too allergic to them too :-(. I would love to have a little bunny around the place so I am very jealous (in a good way!). Olive is a lucky bunny to have such a lovely home!


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