Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Palest of Pinks

 Hey! As you may be aware we are expecting a baby girl in September, Its very rare me and hubby get 2 days off together in a row and even less now (long story) so we jumped on a whole weekend we had together to paint babys room.

We were very good and taped the ceiling etc. 
We got a couple of test pots and did a couple of samples. 

But the pink was too pink and rob wanted to try a green which was far too green, despite them both looking really pale on the pot. 

We went with this one. 
Baby's room is a pretty big room, so we didnt want anything to bold and we didnt want to do a feature wall like with erm every other room in the house. 

So i put my paint gear on, my trackies were a bit snug but fit under my belly, and this is amy good old Nemo top that we both got actually when we worked together in Blockbuster and Nemo came out, it was a bit snug too lol 

So we got to work, being so pale it was quite tricky to see actually. 

there can you see it now? also can you see how sunny it is outside doh!

getting there. 

I did the middle and rob did the tops and the bottom 

ah yes there is that sun again but you know it needed doing to had to stay in all day. 

ah thats us. 

ooohh nearly finished, gorgeous isnt it??

there its pink!

yes i needed a bumpy photo painting pic. 

see the palest of pinks

our next job is to get some sort of big tree for the wall. 

I have gone a bit mad on pinterest 
I will have to share some of the things I'm planning on making for babys room soon. 

Looks cute doesnt it?

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