Friday, 7 June 2013

Bottom of the basket

So last week or so I told you about a new 'feature' that i would be doing. 

Its called 'Bottom of the Basket' I have a rather large basket at the side of my sofa filled with WIPs

So i found a new podcast recently called Yarn on Tap

and they have a segment called Dreaded Knits, its about doing 30mins a week on something you have been putting off. I found once i started i got a bit on a roll with them.

So i picked up my Neon, this is a gorgeous pattern but i had put it down and whilst i had marked where i was i couldnt actually read my own directions. I started it on March 1st apparently.

So one sunday afternoon i sat and worked out where i was. And got going. 
I find if i have a goal i do more, i struggle with things that say knit for a million inches but if you have to do something every 5 rows and i mark it as i go i try and push myself to the next 5 for example.

So this pattern had a 4 row repeat and needed repeating 7 times by the looks of it so that was my goal, well actually i would try and do a 4 row repeat which was quite tricky because the rows were quite long and fiddly but once you get going on a pattern its fine.

So this became my new best friend, I knit on it while introducing baby bump to her first xmas film and one of my favourites Muppets Christmas Carol. 

I worked on it every second

I took it to work and did it on my lunch hour. 

and eventually i got my sleeves tied off with was the big goal and finally got rid of about 100sts. 

I now need to pick it back up and get some of the body done, its the same pattern and again i think its a 4 row repeat a certain amount of times, so if i try to do 4 rows here and there im sure i will get there.

I am aware that this will not fit for a while but i thought IF i finish this before baby comes and i think that is my goal then i will just wear it open. 

Isnt the stitch pattern cute??

So a easy knit i picked back up that hasnt really been around that long is an Owlet 

I started this and a couple of other things for xmas/ birthdays, i like making knitted presents but am aware my knitting time will be dramatically cut down in a few months. 

So i started this (runs to ravelry) May 4th, ah i think thats the weekend i cast on a million things.

This is for my godson who will be 3 in July, i have used chunky as the pattern goes from aran to chunky at age 3. So once you have done the rib you just knit for a while and again i seemed to stall, seriously knit on chunky in the round on a kids jumper not hard but i put it off. So last weekend i picked it back it. 

I took it to my friends BBQ and yes a blanket as it was a bit chilly. 

Then i got the body done i started on the sleeves, they have increased every 5 rounds so i was motivied to work on it, funny how my little head works, then it was only a few more inches till it was done so i got both sleeves knit last sunday i think. 

The other day i put it all together, i really like the colour but it is a bit of a pain to work on.

This is how it looked yesterday, and last night i cast off. 

I have the ends to do today and the arm holes to close up which is always a bit of a pain for some reason.

I did plan to give it to him for xmas but then what is the point in getting a winter jumper in the middle of winter? so i might give it to him for his birthday in July.

I have only just added this project on ravelry but i started these ages ago like maybe the start of the year.

It was stuck at the cuff for ages and ages and then the leg, for no real reason just more 'shiny' projects came along. 

So the other day i finally turned the heel, surely no one really likes this bit?
I dont knit socks very often at all but i know i can do them quick if i just focus on it. 

The other day it looked that this

and then the decreases are done so the foot bit just needs doing now. 

So that is what i have been working on. 

I am going to pick up my Neon again today and work on that a bit or at least do my 4 rows. 

My next couple of things i want to pick up from the bottom of the basket are my Wilma Shawl I started this not long after we lost our gorgeous bunny and Olives lovely sister Wilma and i feel bad that its not done, its a year next month since we lost her so i would really like to have it done for then.

Something long since neglected is my 4ply Clapotis  this is a really fun pattern and completely nothing wrong with it apart from there is loads of work to do on it but again something more shiny caught my attention. 

So i aim to have a little more done on both of them soon.

What have you got in the bottom of your basket??


hotpotato said...

You are doing well.

Carly said...

The colour of your cardigan is gorgeous :) good luck with the WIP's I am a multiple project girl too so this is a fab idea

heather said...

I know how hard it is to stick with projects sometimes (I have three waiting for me in project bags & I take on new things instead of finishing), but that sweater was worth it! Great pattern and gorgeous color!


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