Sunday, 9 June 2013

Baby knits cont

Yeh so this baby has a lot of knit wear already, but you know thats what i do right???

So I made another Little Coffee Bean I made this one before the last one actually, as i thought it might come up small i did the 6-9 size, it didnt but now i have a bigger one, again a cute all in one piece free pattern in aran, what more could you want?

This is the Antler Cardi, can you tell im still in neutral knits now 

every kid knits a proper aran number dont they? i know i certainly had a lot when i was little. 

The great thing about this pattern is that the sizes go from tiny to adult, so i have started one in my size, rounds and rounds of plain knitting so naturally i have stalled on it lol. 

And naturally there has to be an Owlet in there, this is the smallest size which is 6 mth, i might do another in a bigger size but this is the meadow colour from stylecraft which worked up really nice. 

And one i really like but it was all made in pieces which is not something i love. 

This was out of a book so its called little Henley Crew by Sublime book 657 tenth little book 
its not on ravelry. 

So there you go, thats i think everything i have finished so far, i have been focusing on some of my other 'adult' sized things for a little bit. I do some some other FO but they are presents and i know they read my blog so best not post them on here. 

I stil have a list as long as my arm of things i want to make for baby thou but wanting to get my WIPS down a bit more before i start more, its been like 2 weeks since i cast anything on, that is very exciting. 

Right must dash. 


hotpotato said...

really cute and at the end of the day you can't been handknitted stuff.

Jo said...

Lovely little knits. You are going great guns. I am on crochet hexagons see here Jo x

Mellie Moo Crochet said...

I am loving them all ... I love the green jumper! x

Clareio said...

I love your baby knits!

Also I have a little pack of extremely cute pastel coloured ice cream buttons (maybe not practical as actual buttons but they'd look gorgeous on a jumper) let me know if you'd like them and i can send them on to you as i'm unlikely to use them!


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