Monday, 10 June 2013

3 months to go!

What you cry!!!!

Thats right am I now officially 6 months pregnant, (well not really coz months dont work like months when you are pregnant it would appear, weird)

We (me and he) only had a couple of hours together thanks to a bunch of stupid shifts but we made the most of it and headed to the park so i could stretch my legs, well mainly my back, dont get me started. 

And i took the 'big' camera and we took a few bumpy shots. 

I have been feeling particularly round of late so thought we would do a new pics rather than my usual weekly in the mirror shot. 

Yeh it appears i look a bit moody here but never mind i still quite like them 

and a me and he one.

ah i am rather large. 

Ah now nothing makes me swoon like a daddy and his baby

It was a gorgeous gorgeous day in the park and we went the 'other' way round, we always go to the same bit so it was nice to go to the other end. 

We tried some sit down shots but they werent so great. 

It turns out that there was a big race on on saturday morning so Rob snapped this one and its rather my favourite, though i am realising just how short i had my hair cut the other day lol

I have been on good old pinterest again and found a few more i would like to do but i think they need to be done in the garden where no one can see us as they are lying down, feeling a bit stupid but worth it shots. 

Right I will go and reveal in the 3 months till i get to meet our baby girl- ness.
Oh MY! 

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