Thursday, 13 June 2013

I make stuff

I loves to make stuff, I have been a bit more 'active' on pinterest lately with the little creative side of my mind buzzing away. 

So you may have noticed, Im pretty messy, i have a lot of stuff, everyone who comes round (who knows me well enough to dare comment) often comment on how much 'stuff' i have, and i do. 

My knitting stuff does take over, the arm of my chair always always have a tape measure (yet i can never find one) scissors (same can never find any), normally a darning needle and other random knitting 'crap' for lack of a better phrase. 

My Fabric fun page has been having some serious attention lately, I wake up too early to get up so im often found playing on pinterest. 

This little beauty caught my eye a couple of weeks ago and soon became the bee in my bonnet. 

It uses random bit of fabric and i had a lot of that. 

I used this pretty from the local market and rob went and got me a matching colour, i sent him this pic and said i think they have a blue and green and he went to the market and asked and came back with the right thing, hurry for hubby having a whole hour on his lunch to run around for me in the city centre lol 

Ive been making baby a quilt lately and there was lots of left overs but just little tiny bits so i gathered them all together. 

I got this fabric from this shop 

so yes i put it all together, all measuring different widths and everything. 

And a couple of hours later i had my very handy, arent i tidy little sofa tidy thing. 

It was great and really easy. 
The tutorial can be found here

I am feeling in a very sewing mood lately and excited about all the other new things i want to make. 

What are you sewing lately?


Mel said...

Cute! No sewing but I made a cushion cover for the nursery with fabric paint.

Jude said...

Ooo. That's lovely... I might have to make me one of those. And how lovely that you've used the same fabric as Baby's quilt. :-) I was making dresses (for DS2's wedding in LA!) but now I'm back I've just not been able to get my craft head into gear... especially as I now have my very own room to make things in! (Due to said DS2 now living in LA!) Although I have just been shown how to do felting, so that will be the next thing.


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