Wednesday, 19 June 2013

FO & Bottom of the basket

Hi all, sorry for the delay in posting, turns out being pregnant is pretty hard work and i have done nothing really blog worthy lately.

I do have a new finished object to share. 

This is the Sock yarn sweater I have made this before in 4ply but thought i would try it in DK and its come out really nice, this is Rico Prints which is lovely, it took less than a ball, and i just did the 0-6mth size which has come out 9-12 ish so thats good. 

I have been working briefly on my Neon cardi, this is how it was looking last time we 'spoke'

And this is how it is looking now, i havent really done much on it as my brain doesnt appear to be able to function at the minute. 

Hoping to get a bit more done in the next few days. 

I finished working on a little cardi too which needs blocking but how cute is the stitch pattern?

Thats all i have for now i'm afraid.
Hoping to do a bit of scrapping soon, i am pinning like mad lately but just need to go and do it. 

Thanks for stopping by

Rach x

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