Friday, 21 June 2013


The other day me and Hubby did a spot of babysitting, We picked her up and took her to the park, this is the first time we have been somewhere with V, we got her on our little car and figured out the pushchair and the break and other things you dont really know how to do until you do it lol

We naturally went to Roundhay Park.  

We got our timings wrong so instead of going round the lake we had to take a short cut over the hill, this rather nearly killed me and rob who had to push V up the hill lol

We had a little play at the park, but she was far too busy watching what was going on around her lol 

same on the swings too. 

Aww me and V, its getting harder to carry her as my hips appear to have disappeared into a big blog lol 

then we took her to the pub for some lunch. 

Violet is as good as gold and not a bit of bother and we had lots of fun with her. 

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