Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nursery Update

So last sunday, which was fathers day here in the UK, Rob decided he wanted to build baby girls cot.

My sis got baby this and its from Babies 'R' Us

Rob was very pleased that it only had 4 pieces

I sat and did a bit of knitting while he built the cot, this feels like a bit giant step, whilst we know the baby is coming and we have nappies and lots of baby things in the house a cot feels like a big deal. 

We had a little room change around. 

And there is was! 

In her little room all ready for her

I have to say i love this room, i like coming and sitting in here. 

We got some cute little curtains (which are from asda) and my mam and dad came and put them up the other day, they look great, there is a cushion above which matches. 

We are doing really well with all of our baby stuff, we have tons of stuff, just a few bits left like a changing mat and bits and bobs, feeling very organised which i like, so many people appear to be having babies early it makes sense to be organised. 



hotpotato said...

it all looks lovely. I remember that feeling 23 years ago when we were getting the nursery reading for our first baby. Enjoy it.

Heather said...

it looks lovely Rach you've done a great job. x


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