Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bumpy Days

So days around these parts have been bumpy in more way than one, I wont go into it too much but basically i have a very hurty back and its not much fun.

It has also been pretty warm so i have been eating these. 

I had the urge to cast something cute and pink on

This cat who is not ours seems to be my new best friends which is pretty annoying 

I spend many a day on the floor all hurty, i also had my whooping cough jab last week which meant i couldnt sleep on my comfy side for days so yes this was awesome. 

I got big!

I retreated to my bedroom next to the fan with chocolate and my kindle

Oh my fingers got puffy so i had to take my lovely wedding/engagement rings off 

I had another injection the day after my whooping cough something to do with bloody types, this hurt lots less. 

thursday was better as i didnt get an injection and there i am back on my bed with a lolly

oh my feet got puffy

And one day it went completely wrong and i fell asleep for ages! 

But of course I know this is all normal and most of all completely worth it. 

Lets see how worth it!!!!!

This is gorgeous Emily, My lovely friend Laura (Formally of Lazy Dynamics) gorgeous brand new baby girl. 

And im sure everyone looks this great after giving birth lol. 

You may note the gorgeous blanket she is wrapped in, Laura made that herself! 

And that little pink cardi, she made that too and the baby in it. 

Looking at laura's gorgeous newborn reminds me every day its all worth it along with the kicks and turns that baby girl makes every day. 

And its lovely Jen up next due in mid august to keep me going right until the very end. 

Thats right you're next Jen. 

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hotpotato said...

the aches and pains will be worth it. I do sympothise about your back ache though not nice.


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