Wednesday, 26 June 2013

January 2013 Project Life

I have finally given in and re taken photos of my project life, even though i'm sure i have them somewhere. Anyway cast your mind back to January.

So what happened in January, Ah yes very early on the 6th to be exact we found out we/I was PREGNANT. 

So this is my little page about it all. 

And a little bit more journalling, I find when you have something to talk about scrapping and journalling is lots easier. 

And a little page about how we told our parents, i think i have mentioned it before but this is the page all about how/when we told them. 

What else?

Ah yes i had some lovely flowers left from my birthday, i finally got my mitts on my gorgeous pandora birth stone ring, so sleepy early days, my Olive turned 2, some snowy pics modelling my new Rocky Coast, TTB and Heather came for a visit, 

some hanging out with baby V, some home improvements with our lovely tv cabinet, a bit of wool sorting, a little sleep over with V, and a little bit of snow fun and our first midwife appointment. 

So that was January, pretty darn special if you ask me. 

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