Friday, 28 June 2013

I wanna make...........


Let me show you!

The other day i got a slight bee in my bonnet, I decided i wanted some cute things for the nursery walls so naturally turned to Pinterest and naturally i wanted to make them myself.

So i got digging and came across this gorgeous balloon, how lovely.

Most links to things can be found on my pinterest board here or here

So I ordered and and got some thread and some Aida (new word, thats the fabric stuff) and some hoops.
Yes a new hobby, but i think this will just be restricted to these tiny ones for baby's room, i cant see myself doing giant scenes etc 

and naturally baby girl needs bunny things right?

I had my eye on these for a long time so downloaded the magazine for £1.99 instead of paying £3.20 each from Etsy (clever)

And i dont have anything for these yet but i likes these very much. 

Other things that caught my eye, well this has been on my mind for a million years ever since my friend Laura made once when she had her baby girl in 2011, i always thought i would make one when i had a baby. 

And i'm not sure if i told you but i 'won' one of these chairs for the nursery the other week and look how fabulous this looks covered, now i dont think my talents will stretch to the whole chair and obviously that is a lot of fabric cost wise. 

But i am thinking of covering the foot stool and my chair doesnt have arm pads, so i have ordered some stuff to try and make some of them. 

This is what i got for the arms, i got the pink, along with some heavy calico and some very thick wadding. 

So as for the cushion, i have been eyeing up Jelly Rolls for a few weeks now, this cushion will mainly live in the living room, thought it would be good to put baby on instead of always being in her moses basket and good to lift her off the floor and away from little bunny paws.

So yes i picked this, which kinda does with our living room that is red and blue ish. 

As i waited for my giant amount of post to arrive i worked on my quilt. Its looking rather gorgeous.

I got this fabric from Emmas Fabric Studio who i have used a couple of times and has a great range. 

Yes this is me being large, and thats some of my chair. 

These caught my eye the other day and i figured they look really cute, i have tons of fabric just kinda lying around. Ive found this site to be quite good for little patterns too. 

So on saturday bright and early there was a knock at the door and i was handed the most post ever!


And this is what was inside. 


This is my fabric jelly roll, no i havent darent unroll it because it looks pretty. 

I may have given in to Emmas Fabric Studio and got a couple of charm packs for a xmas quilt for baby.
I'm planning on stitching a Baby's 1st Christmas on it somewhere but this arrived the next day, only ordered if on friday afternoon which was fab.

I may have had a tiny little treat at Black Sheep Wools it was crazy cheap. 

You may have noticed it is friday, Woolfest day and i am not there! 

My back has been too painful to be able to drive up home and then drive to the lakes and then walk around. And as much as I would like to go i really dont need anymore, especially when i still have most of what i got there last year and tons from my honeymoon etc etc But it doesnt mean i'm not sad.  

So my Calico came and some thick cord i need for the Cushion, a bit dull but needed. 

I also got together with a few friends and did a split of the new Project Life cards that have come out, i cant remember what this set is called but you get a crazy amount in the packs and tons of duplicates so we split them between like 6 of us, and still have more than enough. 

I got started on saturday night on my cross stitch, i had done some when i was about 10 ish so i knew how to do it but just had to get started. 

I went for doing the outline first and now im just on 'colouring it in' thats a technical term lol 

I got my wadding again from ebay. From this seller  i got 5m for £10 ish which i thought was good, i also got some of the thick wadding from there, i ordered thursday afternoon and got a dispatch notice straight away but it only came on monday, well i missed it coz i had a hospital appointment so go it tuesday.

Olive thought it was very exciting. 

I also started my little baby trousers, these are looking super cute and i will keep you updated as to how i am doing with all of my new projects. 

All of these new projects has left very little knitting time, i went 3 days the other day without knitting which is a bit unheard of, ok very unheard of but i am really enjoying doing a bit of sewing as it is quite quick, depending on what you are making. 

I have done my best with the links for the projects and the websites etc, I've spend nearly a hour actually trying to make it easy for people to find things so i hope they all work. 

If you have any new projects on the go or cute pattern ideas etc let me know and I will take a look.

Right now dare i go and crack open that jelly roll??

Rachel x


5 Ladybird Lane said...

It looks like you have lots of projects on the go!! Good luck getting it all done. Sarah

Candace said...

Busy times ahead!

Carly said...

Thanks for the links for Emma's fabric studio, who turn out to be local to me! Wish they had an actual shop, enjoy your new stash


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