Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Little Shadow

I thought i would update you on my little Olive because she is awesome.

Now Olive has been a house bunny now since september when she got very poorly and we love having her inside, thankfully our living room can take a giant indoor 'house' ( we never use the C word).

Olive is a funny little thing who has gained so much more personality since she has been in the house, we notice things, if she is quiet we can tell straight away, something might be wrong and sometimes as we know bunnies get very sick every quickly and sometimes then need a tummy massage to help them along, i think this has saved our bacon and hers a couple of times. 

But Olive isnt big on sitting on your knee, no not at all, its always a bit of a mission to catch her to do her nails or give her a brush, which she needs often as she is SO fluffy. 

But she has taken a real interest in being upstairs lately, she started going up the stairs a few months ago but now she seems to follow us, shes not big on the kitchen as its slippy in there.

But this is often where we find her, having a nosy in babys room. 

Just doing a bit of exploring 

And when i sit and sew in there she comes and lies down 

She even resists chewing the wire for the iron which i was quite chuffed about, we obviously try to restrict the amount of time she is up there alone due to the wires, but often if you go up to find her she is just lying down in there, or if we have closed the door she lies outside babys room, its very funny. Im not saying she doesnt also enjoy digging in the big plant pot on the landing. 

Last weekend i did a bit of scrapping and she inspected my work, there are loads of things for her to get into my scrappy room (as you can see) but she never does damage. 

and normally she will settle soon enough and have a snooze. 

She is never far with her little fluffy feet


5 Ladybird Lane said...

Olive is a cutie! Our rabbit, Princess died earlier this year, so we are rabbit-less at our house (maybe not for long) sarah.

hotpotato said...

so cute.

Clareio said...

She's so cute! And baby's room is looking gorgeous. I think I saw you in town yesterday but I wimped out of saying hi in case you thought I was some crazy person!

Clare said...

She's so sweet!! My bunny used to run around my feet excitedly when I went in the garden, miss him xx


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