Saturday, 1 June 2013

A trip out

So on Thursday, me, Vic, Violet, Heather and TTB took a trip out to Saltaire 

It was set to be a rainy cold day, so I put a new dress i got in the sale which i thought would be no actual use even the season, alas the UK weather is weird. 

So yes we met heather at 'the mill' i had never been before and didnt actually know what to expect. 

They had a big fancy shop

They had lots of books, these two amused me quite a bit

V was on top form with her little smiley face. 

Geez i could eat her up 

We went to the cafe for lunch, which is the main event when it comes to babies im learning, i was gonna have soup but then sausages and mash caught my eye.

V concentrated hard on her food 

The babies had lots of food playing, V loves to point and had great fun putting her finger to TTB mouth. 

Clearly it was great fun

As it wasnt raining we took a walk to the local park which was packed due to it being half term.

We plonked/ carefully placed them on a swing 

I did a bit of pushing

they did a bit of swinging

we made the most of a fun photo op, naturally this is 25 weeks.

Had my midwife app this week, all is well, measuring all the right size and got to hear baby girls heartbeat again which frankly never gets old. 

So there you go that was our little day trip out

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