Thursday, 30 May 2013

Big giant stupid unrealistic expectations

Now everyone loves a a good to do list right? Does anyone ever make a list thats so completely unrealistic you know already as you are even writing it and adding things there is no way you can ever finish it in the scheduled time?

I do this ALL the time, I have maybe a issue with time, i seem to think things take 2 mins when actually they take 2 hours, i make lists and lists and never get them done. 

Foolishly i am probably talking mainly about my knitting and scrapping i guess but that doesnt seem to bother me quite as much as knitting does. 

I LOVE knitting, you all know that, i knit everywhere like everywhere, but im stupid, i have my lunch hour to knit so i take 3 different projects, like what is that all about? why do i do that??

So i have like about 10 WIPs with my knitting, some i have had on the needles since like June last year (big ass jumper) some i feel sad about like my lovely Clapotis that i started on my honeymoon and has not seen the light of day since. 

So this was my list for this week i have had off.

Safe to say today is my last day and i have done barely any of that. 
Monday and tuesday seemed to pass in a blur, i havent been feeling much myself lately, i try not to blame the whole pregnancy thing but i swear i am not normally this pathetic, and i hate being pathetic but alas that is how i spent those 2 days. 

I hate beating myself up for not doing things but then if you read twitter or facebook, lots of people do it but then it bugs me too, i'm like geez this is supposed to be fun, but why cant i tell myself that?

Oooh we are getting deep arent we???

So yes I have a bit of a new plan of action. Starting i think next week, I am going to focus on a couple of things at one time, i home project and a out and about project and have a reasonable amount of WIPs like a normal person who isnt stressed about all the pretty things i have to make. Like seriously rachel give your head a shake. 

I have a few projects i am trying to get to a certain point so gonna push on with them. I sat and finished a hat last night, sat all evening and knit on ONE project, i literally never do that, I watched a film the other day and worked on 3 things for that hour and a half! Like seriously!

I bug myself, for some reason i think doing a tiny bit on everything and actually its by no means everything will be better than getting some stuff off my needles. 

I am also going to start a new feature on my blog, every week I will blog 'From the bottom of the basket' these are my WIPs such as my clapotis and i will work for at least 30mins in a week on a certain project, chances are i will remember i actually like working on it and do more but just to give it a bit of rotation. Sound like a plan? Wanna join in?

Right well i have 45mins before i need to get Rob from work so i am going to sit and knit and not get distracted by my phone and sit and knit. 

Go Rachel Go!

p.s these are some random knitting pics of the past couple of weeks. 
p.p.s please tell me someone else drives themselves crazy with their hobbies too! 


Jude said...

Oh, yes! I'm so with you - I usually have about 10 things on the go at once... I've had an Aran cardigan on the go for about 18 months no - keep losing my place on the pattern and have to count rows up and stitches in everytime I pick it up!!! Driving me crazy... I'm just going to take the whole lot off the needles and start it again! :-( And then scrapbooking, cards, sewing... you name it, it's waiting to be finished! :-D
Good Luck with your list. Just concentrate on taking care of yourself. Jude.x

Jo said...

I think you need to look at your big list as a wish list and make a smaller to do list. Looking forward to your Bottom of the Basket posts x

Candace said...

you are certainly not alone. My WIPs are ridiculous

Sophie Wearing said...

awhh im the same with my WIPs! Neverending plus a list of thing I want to start! I am a list fiend! I reccomend trying a different system, having a daily or weekly to do list and then having a longer term to do list (or many long terms-categorised by craft or task)....god, im an organisation fiend too arent i?!


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