Monday, 27 May 2013

Down at the bottom of the garden

I thought I would share how gorgeous our garden is looking lately. We have had a lovely sunny weekend and enjoyed our garden muchly!

On Saturday rob moved the rabbit hutch and made me a nice shady area coz I'm not a big sun fan

Our lovely lillies are popping up

This is my view from my little table, I'm gonna sit there today and try and figure out where I am in my lace cardi. Hhmm

Our lovely purple path, I've been photographing my knits here lately.

Meet Jesus! Yes that's his name, this plant has come back from the dead more often than I can remember, it was dug up from our rental house where it was sad and now it's got a million 'babies' Rob is very proud

Our little shed is super cute

The bottom of the garden is gorgeous

The plant climbing up the fence grows crazy everyday

Oohh we likes this pretty too

Moving round our little love seat, this gets the sun quite a bit.

Our fab American signs,

This is a butterfly bush

Our poppies appeared recently

We/Rob needs to paint the garden bench, this gets late evening sun.

And our big pot of lillies

And this is it in its full glory

Pretty right?? Rob has done a fab job.
Here are a couple of pics of us enjoying said garden

Olive was enjoying the sun till she got far too hot and nearly flopped. Quite scary actually

Little lunch break

Rob making my shady area

Admiring our gorgeous bleeding heart

Me enjoying said shady area

Yesterday we painted baby's room which I will share another day so we got to look out the window

We did make it outside for our tea

And took a very sunny pic

And we had ice cream using my new table

Yeh I know I'm big, and yes I will get bigger as I hear that's how being pregnant goes

Hope u have had a nice sunny weekend too

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kamadres said...

Oh, I like your garden!
Ok, I admit: I am jealous...

kamadres said...

Oh, I like your garden!
Ok, I admit: I am jealous... I want a garden, too :-)

kamadres said...

Oh, I like your garden!
Ok, I admit: I am jealous...

Heather said...

You're not huge hun, it's just the angle of the photo. Your bump is lovely and perfect. xxx


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