Sunday, 26 May 2013

December 2012

Yep I know!! I am finally sharing my December document 2012 pages with you. Mainly because
I spotted they are still on my phone lol.

I love this project but confess its a real slog to actually make myself do it, I've got April and most of May to do this week.

Anyway December, man this feels like ages ago

December was busy.
I did a knitting class with my sis, we decorated the tree with the help of Olive, hung our honeymoon baubles up, I 'helped' vic decorate a Xmas cake

Me and vic went to see Twilight, I added my new bauble from my mam & dad to the tree, I knit on Rocky Coast, I visited a poorly Elijah and got lots of cuddles, I took a gorgeous pic of Olive, I went to see the trees in Leeds, I had a lunch date with vic and heather and their babies.

Olive helped me wrap presents, I hung with V, olive looked gorgeous under the tree, I went to works Xmas party, me and vic had our Xmas nails done, I had a little Xmas gathering.

More gathering, more cute V, me and rob went to a dinner party, I visited V on Xmas eve, then we drove to my folks, and then it was Xmas day ( when I could still fit into clothes) and rob got a Xmas jumper, and I got a haul of presents.

My gorgeous girl and her Xmas present, me and he and our matching jumpers, quick visit to see Elijah a couple days after Xmas, a lovely meet up with Emily, Becky and her boys. Ah and my 30th, and a family meal out at Ask (naturally), first trip to pandora, and some FO photos in Harrogate of rocky coast

Birthday night meal with friends as it was my 30th and we had yummy food, then I completely gutted the living room took the tree down and moved furniture and everything myself. Then it was NYE and we went to vic and ants.

And my 2 main pages

Naturally I need the crazy family Xmas pic. This is the photo I used to tell them we were having a baby.

And some birthday fun

Wow busy month. I can't begin to imagine what this December is going to be like, best not to think as it blows my mind.

Right best get some more washing on and make the most of this sunshine before it rains all week for my time off. Nice.

Be back soon with January's pages where we had exciting news!

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Heather said...

feels like soooooooooo long ago!


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