Sunday, 19 May 2013

My week in pics

It appears it has been a while since I've blogged, yes i think a week is a while, so i was thinking well what have i actually been doing, so naturally i went and looked through iphoto to see. 

So sunday was a quite one i sat and did a bit of knitting with my favourite girl 

I packed all my 'normal' clothes away ones i have no chance of getting into for a while

Rob got himself a new lawnmower, hes very chuffed

Then apparently i feel asleep for 2 hours, this happened the weekend before, turns out building a baby is tiring. 

I got on with some xmas knits. 

Then i thought i'd do some baking and rob thought he would bake too!

he is funny, he has a crazy sweet tooth, i bake cookies and buns thats it, he made some kind of business and used a template of a dog we had for years, so he was actually eating dog biscuits lol 

I collected all my broken acrylic needles and emailed P2TOG and they will happily take them back, i asked if i could upgrade to the cost of the metal ones, i only get these when i know i probably shouldnt be buying more needles but it just isnt worth it in anything less than a 5mm they just break. 

I turned 23 weeks 

I went to see a friend who has a gorgeous puppy. 

we went to pregnancy yoga, where i felt a bit stupid really. But was nice in a odd way. 

i marvelled at the lovely UK weather 

I swung by and saw V and V on our wednesday off

then went to the Depot to pick up a parcel,

the contents of said parcel from lovely Heather, lots of treats for me and baby. 

Then V and V popped round where Violet got a bit more mobile to investigate what the black fluffy blob in the corner was. 

Violet has a bunny but hes a old and a bit more erm willing shall we say, Olive just ran away lol 

Baby and the bump 

Me and Hubby had some yummy choco while we watched a film and i started a new hat. 

I made my nails purple and glittery 

Thursday i had milk and chocolate, i love milk and chocolate 

On saturday my godson Elijah came round with my friend Ol. 
He looks crazy grown up here, hes 3 in July which i cant hardly believe. 

It was due to rain so i asked on good old facebook where to go, so after a quick pub lunch we headed to Leeds Museum in Millennium Square .

Yeh so this fella was a bit blooming scary 

Elijah clung on tight, bless him 

he was spooky too 

this was fun lol 

And thats been my week. 

This week is set to be different as Rob starts a new job and our life gets slightly tipped upside down. 

Ive managed to sew some of my buttons on my other baby knits so if i can just figure out why the photos wont go in my iphoto then i will upload them. 

Thanks for visiting 


hotpotato said...

good luck to Rob in his new job.

Mellie Moo Crochet said...

What a busy week ... and a wonderful parcel too!!!

I highly recommend the new chocolate from Diary Milk the one with smarties, popping candy and chewy sweets in it!! Mr Moo and I pigged out on this at the weekend and its fabulous!!!



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