Saturday, 11 May 2013

Little people knits

Hi all so I have been meaning to post some of my recent baby knits, i took a ton of photos the other day but have since bought all the buttons that go on them and they will be way cuter so i am holding back on those and posting the ones that either dont have buttons or Ive already done the buttons. 

So this is Linnie This is a 4ply knit and newborn, its super cute, I went up a little on the needle size as my friend Laura made one and it was ickle so i went up a tiny bit to 3.25 but dont remember what it was suppose to be on lol. 

This was still in my neutral knit phase. Robs mum helped out but doing the stocking stitch body bit coz 4ply is hard work even when its tiny lol. 

I dug out some gorgeous buttons that i got from Woolfest last year, they are red with little yellow stars. 

Magic Coffee Bean hat  this is my go to baby hat, i have made this many times, apparently i have done it 4 times already this year, i have used lots of left over aran cotton, this was neutral stage again but looks quite girly now lol 

Cabled Teddy Hat I have wanted to make this pattern forever and its cute but man i hated making those ears they took ages and ages like urgh! But its cute. 

Cant beat Owlet which is obviously gorgeous, this starts at 6 mths so that will be like March type time ish, I obviously need more of these in different sizes coz they are cute as pie and its always nice to have matching mamma baby knits right? I plan on doing that where i can. 

This is a knit my MIL made, this is the 2nd size i believe, i had previously made the smallest.
Its Duffle coat but debbie bliss, the pattern is from a book but most librarys have it.
Seriously how hard is red to photography?

This is baby vertebrae a cute 4ply cardi with no front, so made for when baby is little and does a lot of lying on your chest. I finished this by the skin of my teeth yarn wise. I forgot this is still blocking upstairs. 

Did you like my background? I love our purple pebbles in the garden, it is my new place to take photos.

I managed to finish 3 things the other day which im chuffed with so naturally i cast 3 more things on yay. 

Right thats all for now, i need to sew to buttons on but man who likes doing that job?



Heather said...

The Vertibrae shows off the yarn so well <3

hotpotato said...

Your knits are gorgeous, I love to see babies in hand knitted stuff so cute.

Jackie xxx said...

WOW ! they all look super cute.


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