Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A bank holiday

Hello all. So I thought id do a flying visit to share my little sunny bank holiday which we had this week.
I woke early as ever, rob was at work so I talked him into getting up and head to the park for a trip round the lake before he started work. It was super sunny like at 8am!
We swung by our bandstand where we got engaged. The park was busy even at 9am as the Dragon Boat race was on.

We showed bumpy our bandstand. I do look forward to bringing her here.

Bit of a bright pic but yay for being together even just for a hour.

We are super lucky to this like ten minutes from our house.

So we headed for a little walk round the lake and talked baby names. Geez now there is a decision and a half to make.

Pretty right.


We did a couple shadow pics


So as rob headed off to work I sat myself in the garden with my parasol. I don't really like the sun as such so this was fun. And I sat and listened to podcast. Well one. Yarn on Tap. Someone recommended it to me so i have been working my way from 2011!
Then there was a shout at my gate ( I had my headphones in to drown out our ignorant neighbours)
Look how cute baby V is these days? Seriously 10mths old. Where did that time go?

This is her favourite thing to do
Toddle toddle toddle.

And a bit of flying

Wweeeeeee. Lol at those little legs!

V and V had a flying visit so i sat and knit and then had a visit from my neighbour Jess.

Yes I had my jeans on, it was too much effort to put sun tan lotion on my legs

Then hubby came home.

Oh and here are our tulips which finally appeared.

We even had our tea outside which was fun. Well excusing the stupid loud neighbours.

So there you go, not often we have a sunny bank holiday but this one was pretty cool. What did you get up to???

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Mellie Moo Crochet said...

Oh what a fabulous time you had! I had a wonder through bluebells this weekend which were beautiful and the weather was glorious!! x


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