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Hello, nice to see you back again, today I thought I would share a few pics of stuff thats been going on around here. 

So i had friday off, thursday went a bit wrong to be honest lots of running around, but friday, i just sat and knit and watched a million episodes of Glee. 

I had a spot of my favourite soup and watched Father of the Bride 2, this did make me chuckle and make me think of my dad and how hes 'dealing' with becoming a grandad, while he is very excited i think its probably pretty weird that your baby is having a baby. 
Like this week his is sporting a black eye which he got in karate after they had a 'scrum' on the floor! Hhhmm

I worked on my baby blanket quite a bit on friday while watching tv

i looked at gorgeous baby girl patterns and thought about how many thousands of ends this cardi would have to sew in and in garter stitch ouch!

I hung out with Olive, She has taken a shine to my cheapy primark shoes which have now become 'garden' shoes as they now have holes in them, like every since i got them if they are in the living room she has just rang straight to them, funny. 

I started a little baby knit using some Regia, 4ply! 

pretty stitch markers always help 

my blanket was looking pretty good, stitching between garter, rib, ss, lace

on saturday morning i thought i'd cast another something on because i have no willpower

i marvelled at how messy my sofa is, sometimes i go and sit on the other one coz its too messy lol. 
Rob has like no stuff and i have enough for 10 people lol 

My little 4ply cardi started to look pretty cute. 

On saturday morning my mam and my sister came to visit, (biggest sis is the busiest person ever so rarely comes to play).

My parents had got us a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to celebrate our baby girl news. 

how gorgeous are they??

So on saturday morning we headed out for the day, we stopped at Baa Ram Ewe, i had my eye on a pattern book i wanted so as had a little spend in there. 

Then we went over the road to Salvos and had a bit of lunch, we thought it would be mental to eat in town on a saturday, we were crazy enough just going into town on a saturday in my opinion. 

I sat in Joules while my mam shopped and insisted she was fast, she was not!

We pottered round a few shops but i was pooped and my sisters bad back was about to snap.

So i went 'up' home with them for the night,
This is the book i got, some really cute things in this. 

I had my favourite meal in the land, nothing beats the chinese at home, the one near us is ok but nothing like this which has fat noodles and is all gravy like, leeds tends to have skinny noodles and no gravy. 

I sat with my dad and did some knitting while he watched the golf, i picked golf over the godawful BGT which was on in the other room. 

I wake up stupidly early these days so i got up and read some of my book and did a bit of knitting. 

I acquired a new pj top from my mam, she had bought it years ago and it was always too big and now its great for my bumpy. 

Right, as you may have gathered i am a bit of a messy person, i left my house pretty darn messy when i came to my folks and my mam is the tidiest person in all of the land, whenever i am at home i want to go back to mine to tidy. So most of the living room mess is knitting related i thought i would invest in a new item. So i got this rather fab basket from Wilkinson to store all of my WIPS which are normally lying around. 

I had a bit of a wobbly day on sunday, baby was in a funny position and i was really rather uncomfortable, but had a little lie down on my other side and that helped but ouch, i realise this will only get worse but my first kinda encounter with it. 

Rob drove up on sunday morning in time for sunday lunch with my granny and grandad and my biggest sis and bro in law. 

They were going to a christening which is why they are dressed up, this is dad sporting his black eye. 

I did a bit of knitting while i waited for lunch much to my sisters horror 

We went to my Aunty and Uncles for a bit in the afternoon and then came home where i attempted to help my sis with her super fancy sewing machine, while winds bobbins itself!!

We headed up in the crazy crazy rain which it always seems to be doing when we drive home

then 20 mins later it was blue skies, weird! 

I knit on my little cardi, i had tied the sleeves off earlier so just a million rows of stocking stitch. 

I iced the buns i had made the day before for work. 

I did some tidying up.

And sorted my lovely basket which was soon full of lovely knitty things. 

Monday was well dull but work is isnt it?

However i did have a ton of fabulous post, 
my lovely fabric i mentioned in the last post arrived which i thought was really quick and a tiny bit of wool i had ordered from ebay and some baby girl leggins i had got from Amazon. 

On monday night i cracked on with my little cardi, oh double moss stitch you are a pain.

Last night i 'hosted' knit night, Vic came round with her cross stitch

and we sat and knit

Olive did very little lying down and was most excited about all the bags on the floor, shes not interested in people but she likes things that are on the floor lol 

So there you go that brings you right up to date. 

I have booked today off (yes i know i am off all the time) i only work 3 hours on a wednesday so i have booked well the next few off to have more time with rob. 

We are going out today, we dont seem to do lots of going out lately, normally just to tesco or homebase lol, so today we are going to Harrogate as Baa Ram Ewe have opened a new shop there which is 4 times bigger than the one in Leeds so i thought it would be a fun few hours out and have a spot of lunch. 

Right I am going to sort my photos from April oh and happy May Yay! I do like May.


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