Friday, 3 May 2013


Hi thought i would post the pages i did, was it last week? I have been a bit useless with my scrapping, im pretty good at actually ordering the photos strangely lol 

So out of my pile of photos i have done these ones, again using the 'maps' i already had done. 

This is a page about funny stretching baby pains, im not quite sure why i didnt think that this would happen, like your belly gets loads bigger obviously its gonna hurt when it stretches. So this is a page about that, i used to see people at work all the time rubbing their bump and thought it was not odd but people well this one person who would rub hers like she was rubbing a genies magic lamp, but it hurts and when you have a hurty bit you tend to hold it. 
So there you go. 

This is finally a page of my 12 week scan and my little thoughts about that. 

and a page about announcing our news, it felt strange to do that having had it our secret for so long

and this is the first photo of my hubby and his baby. 

So there you are, i have ordered my April photos and somehow ordered like 70 wedding photos, seriously like i dont have enough but i was looking through them and had more ideas, chances are i already have them upstairs but never mind. 

Right thats all for now, i really must show you my Project Life pages as i am trying to keep up with that, i dont think i even finished showing you decembers, will try and dig them out and share. 



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hotpotato said...

Your bump was so big at 15 weeks it reminds me of when I had baby No 2. I looked 9 months from 4 months onwards. LOL, not that I'm saying you look 9 months!!! It's a lovely contained bump.


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