Saturday, 27 April 2013

Plans plans plans

Hi all, so firstly thanks for all your congrats we are very excited and I cant believe 'we know' so nice to say she instead of he/she we never said it.

So yes there have been a fair bit of spending going on in the past couple of days.

I may have stopped at Hobbycraft after the hospital, and made the most of the 3 for 2 on the sublime, i dont often use 'fancy' yarn but the odd bit here and there is fine. 
I also picked up some of the regia that was on offer, still cant find it for £1 but £2 is pretty good. 

So i tried a new online shop the other day, i have in my head a blanket i want to make so yes i did sit in the middle of town after the scan and order a load of yarn, dont judge it was fun. 

I used Wool Warehouse now let me tell you, i ordered a healthy batch at about 2.30pm and 9.30am it was in my little mitts. Like how amazing was that. I will surely be using them again. 


and then i just nipped to Tesco for something nice for lunch and these fell in my basket!

So yes blanket plans, this is the plan.
These are my colours its Rico Merino Aran, which again is a bit fancier than normal.

So im aiming for a smaller blanket coz knitted blankets take ages.

So im planning on making a stitch techniques blanket

so i've started with some garter stitch, then ive gone onto rib, im planning on varying the width of the stripes as i go, im thinking maybe moss stitch next and then a tiny bit of stocking stitch and maybe basket weave. I dont have a stitch dictionary so just making it up as i go along. 

this is probably a more accurate pic

cant beat a bit of cotton love 

i am trying these new ones too, both rico, so nice to knit in 'colour' 

this is the blanket order should i forget. 

So today i may have ordered a little bit of fabric

ooohhhh, I am very excited can you tell?

I am hanging out with my mam and sissies today so will really try and curb the spending but you know you only get to shop for your first baby once don't you. 


hotpotato said...

LOL xx

Candace said...

I purchased from wool warehouse this week too and mine came next day. Great service


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