Monday, 1 April 2013


So yesterday was a lovely lazy Easter Sunday.
We had a lack of Easter eggs so ate giant buttons.

I knit on the teddy bear hat that is such cute

I picked up the stitches for my sock yarn sweater sleeve

And plugged away

I had a cheeky Creme egg

I browsed amazon and looked for some new books as I had finished mine that morning in bed

Yes I like chick lit.

I finished one sleeve and was like well I could do the 2nd and then it would be finished. Hhmm

So something that had been on our to do list all of our holidays was to give Olive a good brush. She is really fluffy. Well not fluffy, it's smooth but erm poofy.

She did not enjoy it. Not one bit but looks great now and about a stone lighter lol.

We had some yummy homemade burgers from MIL and some chips.

And then I finished my 2nd sleeve yay!

I started my new book. Yes it is a Xmas book and yes it's making me rather excited about Xmas. I'm gonna have a baby this Xmas. Madness!!

I then did a bit of the rib of my hoody. This is 140sts of 1x1 rib and is horrid

Then I blocked my little baby jumper. It was a super cute knit. And I'm really pleased with how well it's turned out.

So that was out last day off together. But as I've changed my working hours I get very Wednesday afternoon off with my hubby (who has every Wednesday off). We have had a great week, we like nothing more than being together literally there is no one I would rather be with every second of the day.

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Sharondoubleknit said...

Sounds like you had a great week off. Maybe you can do a post about books you have enjoyed? I'm always looking for recommendations...


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