Sunday, 31 March 2013


So today is my last day off with Rob, you might think I'm being soppy but when you only get one day a week off together you learn to really enjoy more than one day in a row together.

My little head is starting to panic about the things I've not done yet. Yes all fun things but it worries me.

So yesterday was quite a chilled day actually. Lets have a look shall we??

I woke up at stupid o'clock so lay in bed and read my book

I then thought I'd nip on the car and pick up my order at Next

Feeling frustrated about this girl/boy not knowing-ness!
So I strolled round the shops early in the morning it was quite nice. I appear to have bought some more baby stuff.
Spotted the new baby knits magazine

Resisted the Hobbycraft sale

So what did I buy? I bought this little dude. Had my eye on him for a bit and they had them in George so figured why not.

Bought a bunny outfit

My order from next, a snow suit as I'm calling it and a Xmas outfit.

I watched rob dig up some of our garden, he's been wanting to do this all week but has been too much snow.

I finalised the body of my Sock yarn sweater. Seriously where do they get these wacky names from?

And I appear to have cast on another hat! Darn it. There are so many cute patterns

We don't have many plans today but we know we are having hot chicken sandwiches for lunch and burgers and chips for tea. Hoping to get my restless hubby to sit an watch films but he doesn't like sitting in the day. Weirdo!

Oh I forgot!!

My sis went on a sewing course yesterday and made a quilt and its for the baby

Seriously how lucky is this baby already. Pretty isn't it?? I fear a new hobby starting here!

Until tomo x

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Heather said...

you make me lol when you say "darn"!
We have Freddie the Firefly, TTB LOVES it and it keeps him occupied for ages x

Kirsteen said...

I think I tried and failed to leave a comment yonks ago so just wanted to say congratulations. I've been following your blog since I realised you were a Disney nut :) As I think we have the same taste in books I had to post to ask if you have read any of Belinda Jones' books? She's great! Also, I bought my little one the same bunny suit and I so couldn't wait to find out my little ones were blue or pink - I booked private scans for both at 16 weeks lol That is the height of impatience. The first one they didn't tell you the gender at my 20 weeks scan so it was private or nothing but the second was pure impatience :) Can't wait to hear your blue or pink news xx


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