Saturday, 30 March 2013

Toy Talk

So yes I like knitting, i assume you know that! So something i like but rarely do are toys. I have knit a few but they are cute but man they are hard work, i tend to knit them in the round like the Monsters i have made, they are my favourite but there is nothing quite worse (ok there is) than knitting on a toy for weeks then having to sew the thing up eekk

alas these are ones that have caught my eye. Most are by Rebecca Danger

As so this is Elijah by Ysolda cute cute.

Ive made this a couple of times but man a labour of love. 

this is sophie by Ysolda 

this is a Susan B Anderson bunny

This is a Rebecca Danger, who doesnt need a robot??

or a monster

or a dinosaur

or a bigger monster

So now if i could just develop some patience then i might make some of these. 

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Samantha Tandy said...

Have you tried crocheting toys? Only simple skills in crochet needed and the sewing up is not generally too bad.


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