Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day 7

Yes it's early this appears to be the new time I wake up now. The sun is coming through my blind which wakes me and I think oh I wonder what time it is, then that's all I can think about. And no it's not my body preparing for no sleep with the baby it's just doing it to bug me.

So yesterday, was a super lovely lazy day. Which are surely the best ones??

I gave up and was down stairs for 7am yesterday watching Olive run around the room like someone was chasing her. And I got to work on finishing this hat I started last month. I made it in my leftovers of the Owls cardi I finished. A really easy knit but lots of things on your needles slows you down.

By 9am I was done. Pic to follow

Then I made a Pom Pom for a baby hat I had just finished, I'd lost the instructions to my Pom Pom maker but good old YouTube knew what to do.

And then it was done. First hat for our baby, seriously this baby is going to have more hats than anyone on the planet. Fact!

I then picked up my Common Ground hoody and did a bit of a slog on the 140sts 1x1 button band. And finally cast off. I tend to split the button band so there aren't TOO many sts so I picked the other half up later.

After I finished half of the button band I started on my baby blanket. I started this the other day in the cinema but that was just garter sts this was the proper pattern bit so got to work for a bit on that. It's gonna be a l-o-n-g project but I'm gonna try, prob slightly mad knowing my attention span but worth a try. I'm using Cotton On which was Kool Kotton.

Then I had a nap I think, watched Meet the Robinsons and picked up the other half of the button band to work on at the Inlaws that evening.

On the way to the car we got a quick pic of my hat, I've also got robs fake Noro scarf on which he only wears to football matches which is once in a blue moon, turns out he doesn't like stuff round this neck. So I'm using it.

We got to his folks where I did my first ever Easter egg hunt, rob used to do these when he was little but I've done one. I won!!

Then MIL gave us a lovely present for the baby, (rob loves sausage dogs) this is Basil! How cool is he?

I did a bit of knitting on my baby jumper and then some of my button band while MIL did some on my round and round 4ply

It only needs a out a inch. So if I got up now. I could prob have the body done by like 9am.

Planning another lazy day today, maybe a dash to Tesco but more sitting and knitting and I must try and scrap like every day I say I will doh!!

Right need to decide if I lie and read, lie and knit, get up and read, get up and knit or get up and try and catch up on PL!

Hhmm and this is why I can't sleep coz as soon as I'm awake I think of all te things I could be doing!! Darn my little brain!

Have a great Saturday x

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