Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 6??

I'm late and I can't remember what day I'm on lol.

So yesterday, me and my friend Vic & Violet went on a road trip to visit heather and TTB

We did a bit of playing before walking into town

Ah yes I introduced V to cashmerino Aran

We went to a 'spoons' for some lunch

We went to lovely Purl & Jane

I may have bought a little something

I was left holding the babies while heather and Vic went in tiny none pushchair friendly shops

Checking in on me

We headed back to Heathers for drinks and nappy changes.
Had some cuddles

I was a bit pooped

And just to prove I visited heather and it did not rain

Some pretty views on our ride home

And this is the yarn I got

Pretty stuff

I managed a few round on my 4py jumper before falling asleep

So yes lovely day out

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