Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day 5 doh!

Oh man! I totally crashed before blogging, I wast feeling well last night and and have up in my pj bottoms and my normal clothes lol! Think I'm feeling better today, really hope so as I'm going out for the day. Will see!

Right so yesterday!

Woke up to find someone has posted this on FB and it made me laugh

Yesterday we had a bit of a tidy day, I woke up thinking about emptying the dishwasher! Oh dear

But first we made a George Forman style fry up! It was yummy! Man I could eat that right now!

After a good couple of hours work out kitchen was all clean and tidy. Like no crumbs anywhere! My mam would be proud

Next we moved to the living room. I won't show u the before pic coz well it's pretty bad but...

I had a sort through my needle case and came across all these unopened spares! Erm stop buying needles Rachel!

I got a bit bored of tidying and was feeling a bit iffy so sat and tied the sleeves of on the baby jumper I'm making

It's looking really cute. This is zigzag yarn. Pretty right?

Rob was building the drawers we bought yesterday

Then I went to my friends vics and looked after baby V a bit while she went to the dentist

It was blooming chilly! We then went to a baby shop to look at pushchairs, think I know which one we are after so now just picking the colour and knowing when I think is 'safe' to order.

We then met with the hubbies for tea at the local pub as a little treat.

Baby V was as cute and good as ever

She had completely forgotten how tired she was

She had some cuddles with Rob

Why yes I do find it very cute when my hubby holds babies lol

So then on to home, all this tidying and sorting had uncovered a old friend I hadn't seen for ages

The cutest hot water bottle ever. Sj got me this for Xmas a good few years ago, he's the perfect size to help with these aches and pains.

Right I must get up and see how I feel when I'm up and about. Hopefully this will be most people's last day at work for the Easter break. Enjoy!


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