Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Day 4, shopping trips & freezing faces

I literally just put my light out and I remembered I hadn't blogged and I've been so go at taking random pics today.

So today started with Olive not being content with the food in her bowl she wanted the whole tub!

Then I did some baby knitting and caught up with another favourite podcast- Yarngasm (this girl has crazy nice hair, makes me sick lol)

I marvelled at the work I had got done from last night and dreamt of quitting my stupid job and sitting home and knitting every day.

We had a random trip to the midwife, they lost my bloods I did last month, well they had 3 of them but lost the 4th so I ha to have blood taken today, this was not fun.

we got out and about much later than planned after I sat and FaceTimed Heather and rob did some research on drawers!

Yes it's still snowy and stupidly cold, we got these drawers for baby's room. Robs building job Tomo.

We got a couple of other bits and headed to the till. Annoyingly all the shops we were heading in town for we're here, Argos, Mamas and Papas and TGI. Hhmm. But rob wanted go to go the new TGI, we will blame him for what happens later.

We went ooh at this bedding which had Olives name on it.

We then headed back to town, picked up a V cushion for me and picked a order up from Next which they got wrong and made the very cold walk into town from my works car park.

So we had planned to look round the new Trinity centre but it was nearly 5pm and I was hungry like a bear and pretty grumpy/tired to be honest. So maybe another day when it wasn't so cold my face was falling off.
But alas we made it to TGI

Where we found to our horror having drove past 2 other TGIs because they are fancy and new they didn't do the 2 courses for £10 offer the other two we had passed did. Yes ok blaming rob. Soz!

Sadly the heating was broken so we kinda froze to death. I kept thinking about my sofa and my blankets. But alas we were to have fun!

So while rob ran and picked a parcel up from work I stood and waited in the cinema. It's amazing the lack of random public chairs when u want one.

So we went to see this (below) I regretted instantly the amount of pop I had with my tea (free refills)

I cast on for a baby blanket that morning so I had some mindless knitting to do.
I'm pretty impressed I actually did some. I only left for the toilet once which I thought was good. The film was really funny and I managed 8 rows of my 135 st row! Ouch!

And now I am pooped. Much quieter and hopefully cheaper day tomo. I fear it will involve tidying but may involve tea at the pub with friends.
Bon nuit chums xx

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Mel said...

Its funny cos we had a similar day in Leeds last sat that involved Ikea for storage for our baby room, tea at Yo Sushi in Trinity and a look at pushchairs in Mamas and Papas! Although Yo was freezing and poor service too!


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