Tuesday, 26 March 2013

More FO

Hi all, hope Im not driving you all too mad with my daily evening blog posts, dont worry i shall be surprised if i make the full week lol. 

So the other day i shared a few of my new knits and here are some more. 

This little cardigan i started for V in October as her xmas cardigan, like seriously. 

This pattern is Chloe  i have just used Stylecraft Aran coz i like it. I actually steeked this one, this was my first steek which was exciting so added a button band on.

Really quite pleased with this. And yes it looks rather cute. 

This is Leaflet, i have already made one of these but this was part of my neutral phase, i foolishly didnt get any photos of the back of this cardigan which is where all the detail is doh!

but yes leaflet this is a lovely lovely knit. 

I used my fab rabbit bunny my lovely friend Gwen brought me back from the US cute. 

It appears to be too cold to wear at the min but as it warms up this will be great, I did make this with bumpy days in mind and appears to be working well. 

So yes, i have a couple more things finished that need to be photographed so i will share those soon, i also have a couple of my pregnancy layouts i did in the early early days so must schedule those in too. 

Hope you like them. 

Rach x


Mellie Moo Crochet said...

Thank you ... I have learnt a new word!!!! "Skeeted"

hotpotato said...

your baby bump is getting quite big, are you sure there's only one in there?


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