Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 3, hoods & heartbeats

Early post tonight as I feel my eyes closing!
Best Monday morning ever!
In bed with my knitting and watching UP! Sweet!

My lovely hubby brought me breakfast in bed.

I got myself up and headed downstairs and filled in my Belly book which i was stupidity far behind with.

After that I sat and caught up with the lovely Mel from Single Handed Knits a lovely video podcast from Hawaii. And yes Olive was hopping around.

I worked all morning on my garter stitch hood.

I made some lunch, bit of pasta and sauce, mushrooms and chicken.

My olive has been all about Rob today, rob finished working on the space room today and Olive kept hopping up the stairs to see what he was up to. She's adorable.

So then we went for a midwife appointment.

I took some long neglected knitting to work on while I was waiting!
Check up was fine and best thing ever we got to listen to the Baby's heartbeat!! Like wow!! That was pretty darn awesome!

I came home and finished on my hood and did some insane amounts of sewing up.

I got my next project ready! And have been working on it for a couple of hours

4ply is darn fiddling but you know, baby is worth it.
Tomorrow we are planning the cinema and a trip to town to check out the new shopping centre.
Right feeling sleepy!!

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