Sunday, 24 March 2013

Day 2

So this is still just the weekend so not proper holidays and I am already ticking things off my list. So what did I do today??

I had a lazy morning knitting in bed while looking at baby related things on the Internet

Took a few snowy pics in the garden as I had clean hair and make up on! This is my new bunny jumper which I love a million!

We then went to Homebase to pick something up, it was super cold but very sunny, aware I look a bit silly but never mind.

Got myself a little treat as Homebase was dull, still knitting on my 2nd sleeve! Equally dull!

We went to the York Outlet I ended up getting a few bits, some cute baby vests, a dress for me and trousers in the next clearance for dirt cheap both of which I think will work with the belly situation in the summer.
We went to Animal which is normally super pricey but I spotted a nice hoodie for rob and I even found a cute summer skirt with an elasticated waist band!!! And then some shorts with one too yay! And best of all they were £8 for the two! Bargain

I finished my sleeve so attempted to put the cardi together, this is a bit fiddly and I know I've got it Wrong in the past!

Oh can't get this to rotate. But I did it and then I had 18cm to knit for the hood! Oh geez!!

I then joined Rob has he sorted the spare room/baby room! We had fit some sliding doors and our plan is to put all our stuff/crap behind the doors and baby can have the rest. So I sat and knit and told him what we were keeping and what we could bin or take to charity shop.

I made some progress but its a lot of stitches and did I mention its garter stitch!! Eek

Then I shellacked my nails

And now they are pretty glittery red
And now it's bed time. Olive is all locked away, rob forgot to close her door last night and she set the alarm off at 1.30am!!
No real plans tomo but always develop into loads so we shall see, hopefully finish my cardi!!
Night all x

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