Saturday, 23 March 2013

Day 1

So aiming to do a little update of each day of my hols!
You've seen my to do list so today.

I have finished the bunny hat I planned to do (needs blocking and photographing)

This was a in progress shot

We had bucket loads of snow this morning

I caught up on some tv yes I love 19 kids and counting, can't beat a bit of Duggar business lol
My friend came round to raid my summer clothes ready for her belated honeymoon next month

Me and Olive sat quite a bit!

I heard Baa Ram Ewe is opening a 2nd store in Harrogate

I worked on the garter baby duffle and watched Juno which was silly as I was already feeling a bit iffy (cold coming)

So yes it did make me cry and want Orange Tic Tacs, but I love this soundtrack.
I finished the sleeve I was working on, had a unsuccessful tea and watched Hunchback of Notre Dame and cast the 2nd sleeve on and now it's bed time!

But first! Rob is now on holiday too, we haven't had this long together, think longest may be 2 or 3 days max since our honeymoon which was 6mths ago! Madness! So yay for being together!

Tomorrow I have no plans (well I'd like to finish this sleeve) and that's just how I like it.

Happy Saturday all


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