Saturday, 23 March 2013

Down South

So at the beginning of March i packed up my scrappy stuff with the best intentions in the world and headed down south to join my pals for a weekend away.

We stayed in a jolly fancy place, erm i cant exactly tell you where we were as i wasnt really paying much attention but we were proper south and proper in the middle of nowhere lol. 

So its been ages since our last 'scrappy' weekend away November 2011 actually with babies coming along and what not, not enough of us were free at the same time.

But we finally got our act together for what appears to be the last for another while with a new band of babies due this weekend.

So what did we get up to? Well to be honest not much. 

On Saturday morning i taught Laura how to knit in the round and how to do colour work which was fun, she appears to have taken to knitting like a duck to water

I worked on my latest me knit when laura was going solo, all of us either knit or crochet so there was a point on saturday (let me try and find the pic) 

See look we are all playing with yarn in some way it was awesome, we have all decided that we have just crazy evolved we used to go to places with only a table and sit and scrap all weekend but now well i barely scrapped and we love just hanging out. 

So by lunch time we decided we had better play with paper a little bit

Sally being her shy and retiring self lol 

So action shots. 

So naturally when we go away we have to do fun shots its like the law.

Shim took some lovely bumpy pics of Jen, who i think was 16 weeks in this pic. 

while we all waited our turn for a master plan. 

 I wish someone would have shown me what we were doing first as i was completely clueless, anyway this is the finished result, can you see what 'we' were doing?


I need a pic with my lovely Jen of course, we decided we looked like we were at a wedding and Laura looks mighty miffed in the background lol 

So as a few of us are all expecting, (this has never happened before) Shim kindly took a pic for us. 

So this is me at 12 weeks, Jen at 16 weeks and i think laura was 24 weeks

Cute isnt it? i am excited to scrap this pic. 

well this is all quite normal really lol 

clearly some more clever photos in progress lol 

So we went out for tea that night, i think we were at a Mexican, i had sweet potato fries, i think i lasted quite well both nights with a 10pm bed time both nights, back in the day when i woke up at 7.30, not it appears to be 6am poop!

So sunday morning, i taught Jen how to knit, like completely from scratch. 

we did a bit of knit, a bit of purl and a bit of rib, she did really well

naturally someone has to be working on my cardi, so i got shim to do a bit for me, they were long rows. 

i think this photo shows how much fun we were all having playing with yarn in the other room lol 

and just to prove i did scrap something, ok so i started at 11.30 on sunday morning but you know i did some. 

So there you have it, last weekend for a while, we will no doubt attempt a little meeting in between babies, first up is Laura in June, 

Exciting times



Julia said...

Looks like you had a fab weekend. I hadn't realised you were expecting! - congratulations xx

JO SOWERBY said...

You all went away the same weekend I was meant to meet my blogfriends in Milton Keynes. Sadly my Bipolar got the best of me and they went without me and had a fab time. Love the candid shot of you all and the bump one is brilliant. Can't wait to see a picture of you all with the babies,
Jo xxx


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