Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Last day

So I made it to work in record time god bless the school hols. So yes quick blog.

So I sat and played at my desk for a good few hours and caught up on my February pages. Will share those later

I popped in dare I saw baby's room, it's so tidy now I like going in there plus it's so sunny and lovey.

I hung my first washing of the year on the line

I started to map my march pages but needed not photos so did some ordering

Then j sat and worked on my hoody. Finally getting the rib done

We had a lovely naughty Chinese for tea. Yum

I made good progress on the sleeve

And by the end of the night I had one done


So there you go that was my yesterday. What did you get up to??

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1 comment:

Hannah2 said...

Wow! I am pooped just reading about your exploits! Congrats on the bump and good luck with all those knits you have lined up!


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