Monday, 22 April 2013

Churning them out

Hi all, so I've been meaning to do some scrapping for a while. I finally got caught up with my March pages well apart from April, I will order them soon.
But I have been wanting to do some 12x12 scrapping of my pregnancy for ages, I miss 12x12, I miss my friends doing them.
I like the results of project life but I don't think it comes easy to me. So I thought I would so some big pages.
You might remember ages ago I did some batch page making well weeks ago. But on a evening after a long day of work the sure are handy!
So this is what I have done tonight, I'll do them in date order.

11weeks and feeling pretty huge. This paper is donkeys old like ages years and years but I chopped it up and I think it works.

Bumpy - 12 weeks! Ah our lovely weekend away and a mini bumpy photoshoot. Again old paper.

Far too long- so we have to have group photos at our weekends away!

Ah first scan. Well this was pretty special and with my next one being this week I thought I was important to get it documented before the next one.

So there you go I have a few more to share but you know I need something to blog about another day.
I turn 20 weeks tomo and I'm beyond excited half way there! Yikes!!

Right I'm sleepy so time for bed

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