Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Life at 20 weeks

I'll be honest it's pretty darn sweet. I have been seriously lucky in my pregnancy not to have any sickness or anything really. I'm tired but not as tired as I was, bed time is now 9.30 and lights out my 10 with normally a much earlier night dotted in there for good measure.
I'm looking having a bump. I am naturally a bit bloaty. I've never had a flat belly so it's great to be able to breathe out and not worry about how it looks as many times I've been asked if I was pregnant due to the shape I go when I'm 'poofed up'.
So yes 20 weeks today and our scan is tomorrow. We are very excited to see the baby again and see how much she/he had grown and it we are lucky we will be able to stop using she/he all the time coz that's getting really old lol

- so any predictions? Every man and his dog thinks we are having a boy but I say girl but you know 50/50

Will let you know when I know


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beksynormz said...

You're really neat so I think boy.....good luck tomorrow xxx

Clare said...

I was gonna say boy, but that's cos I have 2 and they're amazing!! I promise you will adore whatever you have, being a parent is amazing and hard all at the same time! Can't wait to hear!! Clare x

kamadres said...

Hi Rachel,
I guess it's a girl.
Three years ago everybody told us we are going to have a boy. But I dreamed it will be a girl and it is a girl. By the way, she is a September-girl :-)

Jenny said...

Congraulations! I should really look at blogger more often. I'm on team boy... xx

Barb Baines said...

I think it is a girl!

Barb Baines said...

I think it is a girl!


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