Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Catch up

You know when u haven't blogged in a while and it gets more work to do it and catch up?? Well here goes, I'm gonna chuck a load of photos at you ok??
A couple of weeks ago my mam and my sis came for a quick visit. It was strangely sunny so we took pics

Mam and dad and most of my family for that matter call the baby Eddie. No idea so this is me, Eddie and my mam!

Grp shot

Me, Eddie and auntie Nicky, I wonder if the baby is going to be allowed to call her Nicky given I'm the only one allowed currently??

Yep safe to say I'm getting bumpy! And I have to say I love it. 17 weeks here

So we had been into town earlier that morning for a craft market in the corn exchange

Oh I haven't shown you my mams latest FO!
My mam made a Owls. Knitting in the round and magic loop and everything. How clever is she??

What else?? Ah yes it was sunny again and I admired the little path rob made.

I may have hit the hobbycraft sale

I went to my friends retirement do and met up with old friends. I tell you I can't say much for my job but there are some blooming nice people there.

I marvelled at my lovely little bump that now doesn't go away when I sit down

I went to knit night and looked at baby books and my back actually nearly snapped in 2 after being at my desk 7 hours then on a wooden stool for 3 lol

That's about really just hanging out and knitting. There has been quite a lot of knitting.

I shall try to keep up more but not much is going on at the min.

There is however only 1 week and 1 day left of 'neutral land' and hopefully baby's cooperation permitted we will know what 'team' we are on and I will stop going insane lol

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