Saturday, 2 February 2013

Wool Sorting

So with our new change around in the living room we moved the cabinet that was in our living room into my crafty room, which meant finally moving the corner desk that i have been wanting taking down for ages. 

So yes with a bit of help we got it up the stairs and then it was up to me to sort all my wool.

So I thought i would go for a wool wall and on the other wall that would be paper/scrappy based. 

So i had kept my wool on the Expedit which was great as with scrapping if i cant see it i forget i have it 

yeh the other side will have to wait. 

So went for a shelf of super chunky as i have lots, then i went for a chunky shelf as i have a fair bit of that too 

I moved my stylecraft collection from the footstool in the living room to my top shelf of the cabinet.

This is my shelf of things i have plans for or 'sweater' quantity this is also pretty full 

oh dear some of this i have had a long time. 

This is my chunky shelf 

and super chunky

So this is my finished cabinet, well without the doors, i have topped my stylecraft up with my other plain dk.

So this is back to my expedit and these are my 'odd' balls of Aran

my 'coloured' balls of DK 

These are my cotton aran, i tend to my baby hats and monsters with this. 

These are my 4ply 'shop bought' type wool 

and this is how it looks. 

and i have a extra basket of my 'indie dyed' 

and this is how it all looks together. I have to say i am pretty proud with how it looks. 

I am on a bit of a mission to get it to a more 'acceptable' level. 

Maybe i will show you how the rest of the room is looking soon. 


5 Ladybird Lane said...

Looks great. The trouble with having all your 'stuff' in one place is its obvious just how much you have. (Obvious to others!!!!) sarah

hotpotato said...

looks like a wool shop display!

CloClo said...

Your yarn storage looks awesome, wish I still had a whole room to store my crafty stuff in!


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