Monday, 4 February 2013

Snow Day 26.1.13

So before the snow becomes a distant memory i thought i would share some snowy pics with you. Now its been snowing on and off all of January but its mainly been in the week so its been frankly a pain as we attempted to get to work and back. 

So lets start on the friday night. I finished work a bit early and headed round to Vics house, this little cutie was still awake and playing with her monster i made her yay.

We all went to bed and woke up to some happy baby cuddles and a crazy amount of snow. 

We had a little play while mammy made her breakfast. 

We had a few cuddles while we planned out our day, V loved my new ring as she has started to notice little things. She tried to pick the hearts off my pjs too lol 

So we got bundled up and we headed out into the snow. 

She didnt last long sitting up, she is a bit snow-suited up she kinda just flopped lol 

so yes lots and lots of snow. 

Someone left a cute baby in the snow, it was very cute.

so yes i was on photo duty. 

Ant (vics hubby) had the first go up the big hill, (did i mentioned we were at a skate park)

we watched from the bottom. 

even V had go! 

my trusty birthday boots were put to the test, as i didnt bring my wellies 

V and V had a lie down on the skate ramps. 

so yes there really was lots of snow. 

V just took it all in her stride though

and even i had a little go down a little hill lol 

So there you go, it didnt last very long at all before the rain came and washed it all away but it was fun while it lasted. 

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