Wednesday, 6 February 2013

On my needles

Hi all, so i thought i would make a flying visit and share what i am knitting at the min, I have been making a few baby related things for friends but dont want to spoil the surprise by putting them on here. 

So in an attempt to get through my stash i started yet another Owls but this time i went for a a cardigan, with my new steeking skills i thought i would make my favourite jumper pattern into a cardigan.

So a couple of weeks ago i got to work on it. I am using Freedom purity which yes is a bit fancy for me but it was on a crazy good offer, it is however very sheep.

On the same day i cast on Leaflet  i am using a dark grey aran i have had for a million years hurray. I have made this one before too but i do really like it but as i am in the market for more neutrals i thought i would do this. This is pretty close to being finished hurray! 

so Owls has been a good ' in the car project' 
I might add i kinda just winged how to steek this so i just added extra stitches on like you do for a steek, so will see how it goes. 

I really enjoy the leaflet as you think, oh i'll just get to the end of this pattern and then its done. 

yes so these are my 2 latest trusty projects.

What are you knitting ???


Helen said...

they look lovely Rachel, I have owls on my to do list. Have you seen the Earnshaw pattern, I am knitting that at the moment and its lovely.

Clare said...

I just finished my Central Park hoody in Cascade 220 Purple jewel heather, love it!! Thinking of crocheting a bed throw at the mo but can't decide. I have over 100 projects on my Ravelry library and can't decide which to do!! To much choice! C x


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