Friday, 8 February 2013

Tidy Room

For those who know me, know Im not exactly a tidy person, i have a lot of stuff, its often the thing people comment on most when they come to my house, wow you have lots of stuff, admittedly its blooming cute stuff but yes there is a lot of it. 

Now my crafty room, is always messy, i have lots of stuff and often when i leave it around the house, Rob put it in this room (which rather bugs me)

So due to our furniture change the other week this room looked like a bomb had gone off. I managed the wool put fine but the rest looked to be quite a bit of a task. 

So when Vic offered to help me because she likes tidying, i was hardly gonna say no.

So very early on a sunday morning we got to work.

But first we marvelled at some of my early knitting disasters lol

We got a tad distracted with all photos. 

You dont need to see anymore more messy pics but here is how it looks after a jolly good tidy, most of which done by Vic. 

My lovely wooly wall 

my Cabinet got its doors on and is all finished. 

I got another expedit when we were at Ikea the other week so that is now filled with lovely things. 

my chair is clear and there is actual room to sit on it now. 

yeh my desk is always a bit messy coz i leave everything out when im 'working' 

but this corner is looking very cute 

i moved lots of our books and dvds from the living room upstairs and onto the bookcase. 

ahhh love this corner 

vic even put my pretty lights on my curtain pole, they have been rather sorry for themselves for many moons 

So yes in all its glory it is looking fabulous.

dont you agree?

ah yes i thought you would 

So another big Thank you to Vic for helping, hurray! 


Mel said...

Wow I want a friend like that - my craft room needs some serious tlc!

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh you've inspired me to go tidy up my craft room a bit. Sooo pretty x
Jo xxx

Vikki said...

Just seen this! I think its safe to say I am the most helpful and loveliest friend ever 😉

Windybrook Spinner said...

What a wonderful craft room. Hurray for good friends! (I found your blog from the SHK ravelry group.)

Windybrook Spinner said...

What a wonderful craft room. Hurray for good friends! (I found your blog through the SHK ravelry group.)

Libby said...

The room looks fab. Well done to the both of you. I expect you'll be extra productive in there now :-).


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