Monday, 11 February 2013

October Doc 2012

Yes i am that far behind in blogging, it is all done (hurray) but appears I am really far behind with blogging it all. 

So October was a busy one with a double little page insert.

so what happened

Ah Olive learn to climb the stairs, V learnt to play, i got my bday boots, i rocked my honeymoon clothes, we did some measuring of V, olive helped me with my socks. 

what else.

V visiting in the cutest outfit you ever did see, i tidied my handknits, i treated myself to new stitch markers. vic brought me some chocolate, i went to roundy park with v&v, i hung out with elijah in the park, and went to durham with my sis. 

I went to heathers house to meet her baby boy, Olive got a little more comfortable with us, i did some late night scrapping with vic and hair my hair chopped a bit shorter 

I ordered 600 wedding photos, i lernt to steek, we went the Jess and Lances wedding and V became a pumpkin. 

My feature pages are me and Vic, October despite being newly married was a tough old month and i got to spend lots of time with v&v. 

these are some snaps of the wedding we went to with my new jazzy blue dress. 

So there you go that was October, feels like a million years ago now, i shall be back soon with the rest of the month which appear to get even busier lol

hope you had a great weekend

Rach x

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