Friday, 1 February 2013

January 2013 in pictures

Check me out on the first of the month bringing you my January photos. 

lets hope they load in order as that would help.

So January began with some lovely belated birthday flowers from my colleague Liz at work 

First week at work required some seriously yummy food for tea!

we loved Olive 

I went on a mad dash at lunch time to spend some birthday money, i got a new watch 

finally my birthstone ring came in stock, at last!

I had a vist from TTB 

and obviously Heather 

we bought a new light with our xmas voucher, rob fit it all by himself and was very proud.

i bought some cute wool with a voucher i got off chloe for my birthday 

had some lovely baby V cuddles

My baby girl turned 2 as did my lovely house. 

I finished my Rocky Coast

we took a few snowy pics 

it snowed some more

We braved a trip to Ikea with Robs dad in the snow

Rob did some building 

and some clearing and wire work

how good does it look? Ive hated that stupid old tv cabinet but love this. 

My room got turned upside down 

I spent some of my xmas vouchers

my little olive got super thirsty 

it then crazy snowed!

Rob painted our kitchen and it looks lush 

I had a sleepover with baby V 

and woke up last saturday to insane amounts of snow.

so we took V out to play (more photos another day)

then it rained all night and washed it all away

Then last night Olive learn how to get the lid off her tub of food. 

So there you go January has been pretty good really, i hate the dark and the cold isnt great but its getting very very slowly lighter in the evenings hurray, i cant wait till its still light when i get home. 

Hope your January was a good one! 

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