Friday, 25 January 2013

Knit the Queue Part 2

Hello and welcome to part two of Knit the Queue along aka my knitting to do list. 

So i forgot to link up Mooncalf who is the founder of Knit the Queue, she has started a blog Im not sure how often that gets updated lol

So yes here is part two, another mix of old favourites and new here and i think i probably have enough stash to make all of them (yes i do have a problem)

Dont forget to check out my real life queue for any of the pattern names etc and please dont judge me for adding more lol

So what do you think? is my queue do-able??

1 comment:

mooncalf said...

What a lovely selection! It doesn't matter if you don't knit it all this year. Even if you only knit half of that you'll have an amazing wardrobe or gorgeous knitwear!

And don't feel too bad about your stash. I think I have enough to the three queues. Or more...


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