Sunday, 24 February 2013

San Fran - Honeymoon cont

Hello, so i thought i would continue blogging about our honeymoon if thats ok?

So we have been to LA, Hawaii and now we had landed quite late in San Fran, we got to the airport and we could feel the drop in temperature straight away we were a little chilly while we waited for our ride to the hotel.

So when we got to the hotel we went in search of food straight away, you dont get food on the flight between hawaii and san fran and we were starving. 

This was our little street, so we were here for 3 nights including this one we had arrived very late to. I think originally rob had planned to go somewhere this night but we were knackered, travelling really takes it out of you. 

We stayed in the Hotel Vertigo, as in the film Vertigo fun huh! 

Ah so this was our pizza, it was amazing 

I arrived at the hotel to a giant Two peas in a bucket order, i had done this when we were in LA making sure it would arrive while we were still in the country, it was HUGE! 

Right so we knew we only had 2 days here and had to make the most of it, but it starts off with me being, well completely grumpy.

We had to walk to get our bus tickets, we had to be there before 9am and it was about 45mins walk about, but we left late and basically had to run all the way there so without breakfast or anything.

And man i know San Fran is known for being hilly but it was insane the hills were so steep. 

We finally got to the bus very hot and bothered with a couple of minutes to spare, we were going to get food but one of the buses was about to leave so we got on there. 

Hhmm this is where i get even grumpier, so naturally you go on top of a open top bus right? I was hardly dressed for summer, i had a dress on with leggins and a long sleeved cardigan with sandals so you know quite different to Hawaii dress. I swear i nearly froze to death, i was so cold and miserable on that bus, i couldnt turn my head coz the wind was just killing me.

This is a photo of some famous building but i was too mad to take in what it was. 

I know i know grumpy on your honeymoon but man i was just sick of being cold and was hungry, it was such a long bus ride, i just wanted one of those tacky san fran hoodies we had passed on the shops but were too late to stop. 

We eventually got off on the stop Rob had planned, Golden Gate Park, i stomped about quite a bit more until we went into a museum, again i forget which as i was mad.

I had a hot chocolate it was amazing, i had some food and went to the toilet and was much happier if not fully warm. 

This was the most expensive museum ever so we did the free things like going to the top and looking at the view. 

It was really funny to see all the streets in their little straight rows all lined up. 

We came out and the sun had come out, i dont really like the sun but i put my freezing cold body in the sun and didnt move for ages. 

This is about lunch time and the first time i let rob take a photo. 

so i sat with some giant apples and tried to warm up. 

I cant remember what its all called, no i do (well i looked)
Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, we came across this place and it was amazing, the sun was out the water looked amazing, it was like something out of a Disney film it was so pretty.  

look at the water how pretty. 

ah and my pretty hubby 

we got someone to take our pic, always pic people who also have a nice camera is my tip. 

the path made me chuckle 

ah look she smiles! and it must have warmed up coz ive tied my hair back! 

Next we got back on the bus, on the bottom deck i might add as we had tickets that afternoon for Alcatraz, so this is the Golden Gate Bridge through a bus window. 

Sadly we werent exactly organised and had to hike for literally miles from the bus stop again running past all the nice cool shops, we barely had time to stop for a burger and eat it while running. But lets skip over the bit where rachel shouts at her new hubby in the street shall we? yes i thought so. 

This is a bit of beach we positively ran past. 

But we made it. This had been Robs thing to do in San Fran, I'll be honest it didnt really appeal to me. 

But he seemed happy enough. 

I have to say it was quite an experience walking around. 

I found myself a sunny spot and tried yet again not to freeze, it was seriously just the wind factor 

but look how pretty the view was aaahhhhh



ah us 

the sun was doing crazy beautiful things on the water

ah THE bridge 

After we left here and got lost a little bit and blown to death we found some shops. 

Rob is left handed like very left handed like needs a blue badge in the car left handed so i thought this would be a funny photo. 

We wanted to stay around the pier but our last bus left about 6pm and we had to get on it otherwise it would have been a really long walk back to the hotel and we were seriously all walked out for the day. 

We headed back to the hotel and stopped at a 50s cafe which was awesome and really fun. 

and then i completely crashed. 

great day but completely exhausting, would my feet manage another day of walking?

find out soon??



Mel said...

Ha I like that you had an argument on your honeymoon as we did too. It involved him walking out of the karaeoke booth mid song and me feeling very foolish with lots of Chinese people laughing at me! My memories of San Fran are lots of walking up steep streets and the wind. We never got to Alcatraz at is was a three week waiting list- who knew? Clearly Rob did! I do love that town though!

Libby said...

Oh boy, I got tired just reading all this :-). Nothing makes you grumpier than being hot/cold and hungry.


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